Keynote Speaker

Developing Better Police Responses to Homelessness

  • Reduce homelessness cost-effectively and humanely.
  • An ineffective homelessness policy can subject your community to expensive litigation. Ask me how to avoid this.
  • Solve the problem not the symptoms.
  • Don’t spend millions to become “Pottinger Compliant”

Law Enforcement Homeless Outreach Teams (HOT)

  • If your city or police department is attempting to reduce homelessness by “arresting its way” out of the problem, there is no better time than now to develop a homeless outreach team. Contact us to learn how and why this is such an innovative, forward-thinking and cost-saving solution
  • It can cost up to $40,000 per year in public resources for a chronically homeless person to live on the streets. Placing them into permanent, supportive housing costs only $12,000 per year – yielding huge savings for taxpayers – while reducing calls for service and citizen complaints.

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