Speaking & Interview Requests

Dan travels throughout North America and Europe to speak on homelessness and related topics including:

  • The politics of homelessness, addictions & mental illness New!
  • “How to End Homelessness in 3 Easy Steps”
  • The Top 10 Reasons to Start a Police Homeless Outreach Team (and How)
  • Why Should We End Homelessness, And Why Now?
  • Legally sound alternatives when you cannot arrest away the problem
  • How the police can end homelessness
  • I want to end homelessness – where do I start?
  • panhandling and solicitation issues
  • Developing innovative homeless solutions
  • Rethinking your homeless policy (do you even have a homeless policy?)
  • Improving the relationship between the police and the homeless (yes it is possible)

Please click here to contact me for further details or booking information