Testimonials & Quotes

“One of the great examples of a police officer in the United States doing positive work to assist those who are homeless is Daniel McDonald in Tampa.

His insights and knowledge of the issues of homelessness and panhandling are in such demand that in his time off he runs a consulting business (www.homelesspolice.com) dedicated to helping other police and elected officials better respond to matters of homelessness and panhandling other than a law and order approach.

If the ideas in this blog captured your attention and may be of use to your local police response to homelessness, he is worth the time and energy to engage.” — Iain DeJong, Orgcode, Inc.

“Dan is a compassionate and skilled professional who recognizes that criminalizing homeless people is not only cruel and inhumane but also ineffective. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in moving away from criminalizing homelessness to ending it through housing.” — Maria Foscarinis, Founder, National Homelessness Law Center; Lecturer in Law, Columbia Law School

“Homeless people in Melbourne: Police should take ‘hands-­on’ approach, world expert says
7/29/2016 Homeless people in Melbourne: Police should take ‘hands-­on’ approach, world expert says” —  Melbourne (Australia) Herald Sun

“What a great summary of how officers can build and operate within a system that is focused on solving problems rather than on measuring numbers of contacts and activities. Very helpful information and I might add, very much in keeping with the generally excellent quality of training offered by Justice Clearinghouse.” — Joni

“I liked the flow charts he uses. They seem to walk us through the red tape that sometimes is involved.” — Donna

“I enjoyed the insight into a topic that not many people talk about, though we touch on homeless, we rarely get into the “whys” and the “how can I help.” It was nice to look into some logistics of the situation regarding the homeless, in regards to finances, etc. I thought this was a great webinar.” — Brandon

“I got a clearer understanding of a practical and implementable solution to homelessness.” — Stefanie