Understanding our Past and Reforming our Future: Law Enforcement and Homelessness Webinar

The Center for Court Innovation invites you to join law enforcement and housing policy experts in conversation with police executives as they discuss the relationship between police and people experiencing homelessness. As the nation grapples with our current health and justice crises, we invite you to join our panel in discussing how we got here and how coming together to share the solutions may guide a way forward. Panelists will discuss the history of the intersection of policing and homelessness, current discussions around this relationship, and recommendations from policy experts in paving a path forward.


Nicola Smith-Kea, Ph.D, Criminal Justice Manager, Arnold Ventures

Sarah Gillespie, Research Director in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, Urban Institute

Daniel McDonald, Homelessness & Panhandling Consultant, Homeless Innovations, LLC

Bonnie Sultan, Senior Advisor, Center for Court Innovation

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View the replay here: https://youtu.be/0AbAyBvsQs4

Source: Center for Court Innovation