$99.00 “Pick My Brain” Offer

If you have more questions than answers about homelessness and panhandling, and want to get some ideas about what would work in your community, consider booking a 30-minute phone or video consultation for $99.00 (or $149.00 for one-hour).

From Iain DeJong, CEO, Orgcode, Inc: “One of the great examples of a police officer in the United States doing positive work to assist those who are homeless is Daniel McDonald in Tampa. His insights and knowledge of the issues of homelessness and panhandling are in such demand that in his time off he runs a consulting business (www.homelesspolice.com) dedicated to helping other police and elected officials better respond to matters of homelessness and panhandling other than a law and order approach. If the ideas in this blog captured your attention and may be of use to your local police response to homelessness, he is worth the time and energy to engage.”

Source: https://www.orgcode.com/police_and_effective_responses_to_homelessness